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#1 Communication (Creative Consultations + Copywriting):
Thorough competitive ads brief will be shared with the creative team.
Focus on ROI generating creatives for conversion ads. Assist with consulting to develop the creative expertise for the audience at different stage of the purchase cycle. 
Ad copywriting: Ad copies to be improved for better communications with the audience, and remove objections at different stages of purchase cycle. 

#2 Marketing Campaign:
Strategizing a plan for testing and scaling the campaign with decided KPIs.
Using and taking over the tools being used currently and audit their campaigns to find the scope of improvement.
Bring proper testing structure into work and identify the pillars - right audience, right communication, and simple campaign structure. 
Reporting the understandings and what it means for the business.

#3 Others (Consulting/Management):
Assist in backend apps like Hotjar, abandoned checkout sequences, analytics, product reviews etc. to setup micro systems for the business & increase the number of brand touch points.

#4 Ad Creatives Editing
Being your creative partners for ads that convert better than ever and deliver an impeccable brand perception to the audience at the same time.

#5 Email Marketing & Conversion Rate Optimisation
We have vetted partners who are our extension for these services for brands.


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